Stone Brewing co-founder on shandys: “driving a bigger stake into the heart of beer”

stone greg picStone Brewing Co. co-founder, Greg Koch, just posted his thoughts on the rising consumer interest in shandys over on his public Facebook page. Check it out below…

Not satisfied by their declines, the major brand beer companies look to Europe for ways to drive a bigger stake into the heart of beer, faster.

Heck, mixing their beer with lemonade, soda pop and other sugary drinks helped the German industrial brewers lose credibility, why shouldn’t the USofA pile into that sinking boat too!

There’s nothing like sending a message to consumers that says “Hey, fed up with beer and or just not in the mood for a ‘regular’ fizzy yellow beer? Let us add HFCS / sugar and flavorings into it for you.” Bam! Instant respect from everyone (if “everyone” means “that MBA guy in the marketing dept charged with analyzing new trends”).


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14 thoughts on “Stone Brewing co-founder on shandys: “driving a bigger stake into the heart of beer”

  1. not quite sure that I will agree with him on this one. There are some microbreweries that are or have been doing a type of shandy for a while that are actually pretty damn good based upon the types of syrups that they are using to produce that new flavor.
    Noble Ale Works has been doing a Shandyland that changes up what the flavor is every so often. Some days one just doesn’t want to get smacked in the face with DIPA’s and something light and refreshing is warranted.

  2. Greg Koch is exactly right on this one. I am glad someone in a position like his finally said something.

    And I’m no Stone Brewing fanboy. I find their branding obnoxious and demeaning, their beer too expensive, and so on and so forth. On this one, though, I have to give him some major props for having the courage to say something unpopular that’s absolutely on target.

  3. his whole act has become tiresome. Who cares? I don’t like them personally so I don’t drink them. but it doesn’t bother me that other people obviously love them since they are selling so well. Surprised Koch’s high horse can still hold up his huge ego.

  4. Not a huge fan of the shandy movement, but Greg and Stone both keeping with their obnoxious reputations. Dude acts like he invented the sport.

  5. The whole quote should go “Driving a bigger stake into the heart of beer because I don’t make money off of them.”

  6. (a) Shandys are terrible. I usually don’t drink a lot of Pyramid beers, but they mix Thunderhead IPA with their Apricot Ale for an IPApricot, and that’s a tasty enough summer drink.

    (b) @Rtuck, Greg and Stone’s obnoxious reputations and absolute respect for the craft, and craft drinkers — f*ckall to everyone else who drinks crap beer — made them one of the world’s best brewers, and they consistently put out one of the best overall lineups available. They may have earned their reputation for being douchenozzles, but they also earned their reputation of knowing exactly what they’re talking about. The world doesn’t need anymore Shock Top.

  7. It’s a classic beer cocktail (pre-prohibition mixologist’s book here, I think it’s a little late for shandies to drive a stake into anything. Are the major breweries going to make nasty, candy-flavored knock offs? Sure. People drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade too. Did Michelob’s Black & Tan in a bottle ruin stouts? No. Are snakebites and other mixes somehow demeaning beers? There’s no Platonic ideal of beer that can somehow be impugned by new products on the market. The market expands and contracts with opportunity and demand. This is probably a trend that will blow over within a couple years, and in the meantime maybe a few born-again shandy fans will think to mix the real thing themselves, or try a lemony heffe, and expand their tastes into beers Mr. Koch deems more suitable.

    Either way Greg, Alex Ebert won the rights to that hobo saint look. Take a shower, have a cocktail, and chill out.

  8. @pantardovski I don’t know who Alex Ebert is but I will address this one point: “This is probably a trend that will blow over within a couple years”

    Leinenkugel’s is producing more Summer Shandy alone than any small brewer not named Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada, CBA and Shiner is producing beer altogether.

  9. Alex Ebert’s the front man for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros about whom an internet commenter recently quipped “More than a dozen members, leader has a beard but no shoes. That’s not a band that’s a cult.”

    And I didn’t mean to suggest that there would be zero shandies on the market, rather that in five years we’re not going to see three different globo-brew shandies on tap in every random bar. I don’t drink Leinenkugel particularly but I’ve always seen them as a “crossover” brewer (like Newcastle) — if somebody’s debating a Leinenkugel shandy vs. a Mike’s Hard Lemonade I’ll lean toward even the generic shandy, and then maybe ply them with a snakebite or a citrusy pale ale after. My $0.02. The world can eat Oscar Meyer all day as long as I can still buy brats.

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