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3 thoughts on “SanTan Brewing owner arrested, faces assault and domestic violence charges

  1. When did this site become Perez Hilton? leave this stuff of the Adam! I’m sure other brewers have been arrested for stuff before, why choose to report on this one?

  2. @Ricardo (partially pasted from the FB thread related to this post)

    Did you cover your ears during the news coverage around Jerry Sandusky? Or even person X arrested on the local news last night that had not yet been convicted? It is a fact of life that this stuff is covered daily by all respected news outlets, not just ‘Perez Hilton’ as you suggest.

    Further, I leave it to my *adult* readers to understand arrest vs. conviction or cease-and-desist vs. lawsuit. I’m not going to to deprive the people that understand those distinctions of information just because some don’t. News media are well within rights and morality to report or share information on arrests or other legal matters regardless of how that impacts a business/individual (provided it is accurate). In this case, I didn’t go digging in an Arizona database of arrests to break this story. Just shared an existing news article that was out there.

    If there is another story about a brewery OWNER being arrested, please post the link here but I think you’re going to have a hard time finding it.


  3. I appreciate the article & wholeheartedly approve of the content as it is directly related to the brewing community. If we do not hold ourselves to high standards (separate the craft from the crap) then we will be judged by the lowest common denominator. Beer should be joy not violence.

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