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Yuengling denies rumors that it has plans for Louisiana distribution

"At this time," emailed Nate Gogno, a marketing administrator for the brewery, "there is not a specific state or timeline in place for expansion of the Yuengling territory. We hope to expand our reach in the future and will work towards that goal by slowly expanding as we have in the past."

Meanwhile a brewery tweet notes that it is on the to-do list.

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4 thoughts on “Yuengling denies rumors that it has plans for Louisiana distribution

  1. I for one wish you do get to Louisiana.
    When I visit my son’s Restaurant, The Luck Lab Tavern, in Royersford, PA that is the only beer I drink.

  2. COME ON!
    I work in beverage retail (in LA), and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by over the last five years, that I haven’t been asked if we carry Yuengling.

    They sell it in Alabama, for pete’s sake!

  3. No offense LA, but it would be far wiser from a marketing standpoint to go west into Illinois. Huge market. They’re already in Ohio, and the Chicago area alone has the same population as the entire state of LA.

  4. After working in beverage retail in northern Kentucky for ten years, I can honestly say that Yuengling is still one of the most requested brands in the area, even after it became available in Ohio not too long ago. I’ve even had customers become angered and curse ME out over it because they refused to believe the brand wasn’t available nation-wide. To be honest, I can’t say I’m a fan personally, but one cannot deny that it’s indeed in demand.

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